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AENO Air Purifier AP1S, WiFi, UV lamp, CADR 450 m³/h, 60m2, carbon filter +Hepa H13

478.81 лв.
What does it feel like to breathe a truly clean air? HEPA filter 3-in-1, UV lamp, smart control via APP.

AENO Air Purifier AP2S, Wi-Fi, UV lamp, ionization, Tvoc sensor, CADR 420 m³/h, 50 m2, carbon filter + Hepa H13, wall mounting

528.78 лв.
What does it feel like to breathe a truly clean air? Service area 50m², 3-in-1 HEPA filter, UV-lamp, ionization. Smart control

AENO Air Purifier AP3, UV lamp, ionization, CADR 160 m³/h , 30m2, carbon filter + Hepa H13

228.91 лв.
Purify your home from nasty odours, allergens, harmful microorganisms! Service area 30 m², 3-in-1 HEPA, UV lamp   AENO Air

AENO Air Purifier AP4, UV lamp, ionization, CADR 200 m³/h, 35m2, carbon filter + Hepa H13

268.87 лв.
Take a deep breath and feel the difference! Service area 25 m², 3-in-1 HEPA, UV lamp   AENO Air PurifierAP4